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  1. You must be 16 years of age to play.  Identification required upon request.
  2. It is the responsibility of the player to make sure your bingo is heard by the caller.
  3. Bingo will not be honoured after the caller has officially closed the game.
  4. Unless specified, you do not need the last number called to have a valid bingo.
  5. Twoonie number must be the last number called and will apply to the first valid bingo on a card only.
  6. Twoonie stamps must be purchased before the first regular game.
  7. Bundles must be purchased before the 1st special.
  8. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure proper cards are played.  No refunds or exchanges are permitted.
  9. Minimum two strip purchase required.
  10. Batchewana Bingo is not responsible for the sale of duplicate cards.
  11. One chair per person.
  12. Batchewana Bingo does not recognize reserved seating.  We will not be responsible for anything left unattended.
  13. The use of cell phones and mobile devices are prohibited during any bingo session.
  14. Batchewana Bingo is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen articles including, but not limited to unplayed bingo cards.
  15. Malfunction voids all plays.
  16. Decision of supervisor is final in all games & payouts.


(705)759-2297 & PRESS 1